If you have arrived at this site, you have likely been feeling bad for quite some time.  You have probably tried to manage your problems alone, or with support from friends or family, but somehow, that has not quite been enough.  You may be wondering why you continue having the same relationship problems over and over, or the same painful feelings and reactions to life, people and situations.  Or perhaps you have just suffered a loss, crisis or tragedy that you feel overwhelmed by and unable to cope with.  You don't understand why, despite all your best efforts to cope or change, you continue to feel so bad.
Psychotherapy is designed to help you make sense of all of these difficulties.   Many of the problems you are suffering with in the present are symptoms of underlying unresolved issues from the past.  This may seem hard to accept or believe, however, when you consider that whatever you have tried has not worked to resolve your suffering, that there might be something deeper that is causing you to still be struggling.  Therapy is an exploration of what is causing you to feel bad, an attempt to discover what those underlying issues are that may be impacting you in the present or preventing you from "just getting on with it", and a process of helping you to work through and resolve those issues so that life in the present and future can be different from the past.  It helps you take control of what has previously felt beyond your control.  Understanding of oneself is empowering, and psychotherapy is the most effective way of resolving what has been getting in the way of you having the life you want .

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in West Los Angeles.  I have almost 20 years of experience working with issues that include grief & loss, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, trauma, substance abuse, behavioral difficulties in adolescents, mental illness, stress management, gay & lesbian issues, medical social work, caregivers, sexual abuse, assertiveness difficulties, and families in crisis.   I conduct in-person and online therapy.  Groups include support groups for those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

For more information, please call (310) 895-4848.

Terry Jordan, LCSW, DCSW